Should I be worried about snakes and spiders?

Should I be worried about snakes and spiders?

If you’re scared of spiders, bugs or any type of creepy crawley, prepare to face your fears in Costa Rica. There are 4,000 known species of insects in Costa Rica so you will see bugs like grasshoppers, bees, millipedes, ants and spiders.

But don’t fret! Pretty much all touristic destinations are zoned and developed. Hotels are clean and get fumigated.

Just be a bit cautious if you’re staying in a super cheap hotel or a remote destination, you may see an unwelcome guest or two in your room. Be prepared to see lots of bugs if you’re going to the Osa Peninsula or Tortuguero.

As for snakes, it is not common for people to get bit by snakes in Costa Rica even though there are venomous ones. Unless you’re trekking deep into the jungle by yourself and not properly dressed, it is not a concern. When you’re hiking, never go off the path or touch trees and plants. You never know what’s sleeping there! In case you get bitten by a snake, here's information about getting medical help in Costa Rica.

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