How to get to Frankfurt from the airport?

How to get to Frankfurt from the airport?

Frankfurt airport is the biggest airport in Germany and is located 13 km from the city of Frankfurt. There are three options to get from Frankfurt Airport to the city center: by train, bus, or taxi. 

If trains from Frankfurt Airport are more preferable for you, keep in mind that you will need to validate your ticket, otherwise you risk getting a fine of 50 EUR. Bus tickets don't need to be validated.

You can get from Frankfurt Airport to the city center by buses №61, 77, 72, 58, 62 (daytime buses), N81 and N7 (night buses). The Frankfurt Airport bus №61 reaches the destination in 30 minutes, the ticket price is 4.35 EUR. The shuttle tickets are bought from the driver right before boarding. Day busses are very frequent, night buses from Frankfurt Airport are less frequent.

To get to Frankfurt city center, take line S8 or S9 electric trains from Frankfurt Airport. The total trip duration is 40 minutes, and getting to Central railway station will take 11 minutes. An adult ticket costs 4.65 EUR, a children's one – 2.8 EUR. The Frankfurt Airport train tickets can be bought from special blue ticket machines with the RMV sign on them (Terminal 1) or at Reisezentrum ticket office (Terminal 1, Floor 0, Hall В).  Don’t forget to validate your ticket! The trains run frequently throughout the day and once an hour at night.

Your other option would be booking a transfer. It's a comfortable and fast (arund 20 minutes), albeit expensive way to get to the city center from the airport. A one-way ride could cost you around 40 EUR. You can book a transfer online.

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