Is Germany expensive?

Is Germany expensive?

It depends on what you’re comparing it to. Compared to countries like Czech Republic or Poland, Germany might seem expensive, but if you look at some other Western European countries like Denmark or the Netherlands, Germany is actually quite cheap.

The amount of euros you will spend in Germany also depends on which cities you're travelling to and how much time you're spending in each city. Munich, Frankfurt and Stuttgart are among Germany's most expensive cities, while Leipzig, Bochum and Kiel are considered the most affordable. Berlin and Hamburg fall somewhere in the middle, while Cologne is on the more expensive side

If you’re backpacking Germany, your suggested budget would be 40-60 EUR per day. This is a suggested budget assuming you’re staying in a hostel dorm, cooking all of your meals but occasionally enjoying some German street food (like currywurst), and using local transportation but mostly walking everywhere. You can also visit some museums or enjoy a walking tour every now and then.

On a mid-range budget of 115 EUR per day, you can stay in a private hostel room or a budget hotel, enjoy fast food or the occasional meal with a stein of beer at a beer hall, take the bus between cities, and do more walking tours.

With a luxury budget of 285+ EUR per day you can afford a nice 4-star hotel, travel between cities via train, eat out at restaurants for all of your meals (including a beer with dinner), and you can enjoy more attractions like day trips and river cruises.

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