How do I get around Spain?

How do I get around Spain?

From the wild shores of the Atlantic to the azure coves of the Mediterranean, the Pyrenees to the Sierra Nevada – there is much to see in Spain. Public transport has come along in leaps and bounds in recent years, with high speed trains, internal flights and bus services being some of the easiest ways to get round.


Pros: many airports all over the country, many low-cost flights, fast, very convenient when getting to various islands like the Canary Islands.

Cons: still fairly expensive.

Train. Spain has a developed network of high-speed trains called AVE (Alta Velocidad). Always buy your tickets in advance.

Pros: fast, you can choose the type of class you want, very convenient, reliable.

Cons: high-speed trains are quite expensive (sometimes a train ride would be more expensive than a low-cost flight).


Pros: cheap, easy to access off-the-beaten-track destinations and rural areas.

Cons: not comfortable for long distances, bus rides take a long time.


Pros: flexible, Span has a network of high-speed motorways called autovías (you can identify them by the letter A).

Cons: parking and driving on motorways is expensive.

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