Is Spain children-friendly?

Is Spain children-friendly?

Beautiful beaches, delightful delicacies, world-class museums, and a warm, inviting culture - Spain has it all, but is it a suitable destination for families traveling with children? The answer is a resounding yes! From its interactive children's museums to globe-famous kid-friendly festivities, Spain proves time and time again to be a splendid choice for families on the go. Let's discover together why Spain is a paradise for children.

The Spanish Culture and Attitude Towards Children

When it comes to embracing the joys of childhood, the Spanish people's sincere love and respect for children is evident. Unlike many other destinations worldwide, families in Spain typically involve their children in all their day-to-day activities, including late-night dinners or city festival celebrations. The Spanish ethos of family includes children at every turn and children are warmly welcomed everywhere.

Kid-Friendly Attractions and Activities

Spain is packed with child-friendly attractions and activities. Due to the country's rich history and vibrant creativity, innovative, and entertaining kiddie spots are a given, pushing the boundaries of learning, exploration, and fun!

Interactive Museums

Spain takes educational yet entertaining trips to the next level with their innovative museums. The Museo de Ciencias Naturales (Natural Science Museum) in Madrid is a hit amongst children with dinosaur exhibits and hands-on marine displays. For those little aspiring artists, the Joan Miró Foundation in Barcelona offers interactive workshops where children can delve into the exciting world of surrealism. For a more techno-savvy experience, the Museo Elder de la Ciencia y la Tecnología in Gran Canaria features robotics and planetarium shows.

Theme Parks and Zoos

Another key feature of Spain's child-friendly attractions is its abundance of theme parks and zoos. Whether your kids want thrilling rides or prefer tranquil animal encounters, there’s something for everyone. PortAventura Park in Salou is one of the most popular in Europe, boasting rides for all ages, a water park, and themed lands such as Sesame Street land for the younger ones. For animal lovers, Zoo Aquarium de Madrid or Loro Parque in Tenerife are must-visits, offering exciting animal encounters.


The idyllic Spanish coastline offers some stunning child-friendly beaches dotted with amenities including lifeguards, play areas, and calm waters. Top choices include La Concha Beach in San Sebastian and Alcudia Beach in Mallorca.

Festivals and Events

Spain is famous for its lively festivals and events which often involve the whole community. Many of these are perfect for children, with plenty of fun, laughter, and vibrant cultural experiences. Festivities such as La Tomatina - the famous tomato throwing festival, or El Colacho - the baby-jumping festival, though bizarre to some, are thrilling cultural immersions for kids. Christmas time is particularly special when cities light up and fairs like Fira de Santa Llucia in Barcelona hoist a sea of color and music.

Child-friendly Cuisine

Spanish cuisine is incredibly diverse, flavorful, and more often than not, kid-friendly! Tapas portions are perfect for children to try unfamiliar dishes. Staples such as patatas bravas (potato cubes with a spicy tomato sauce), tortilla Española (Spanish omelette), and churros con chocolate (doughnuts with chocolate) are kid-approved favorites. Many restaurants provide children's menus and the custom of eating late in Spain also means dining establishments are often geared for families.

Transport and Accommodation

Spain scores solid points in providing comfortable transport and accommodating lodgings for families. Spain's public transport is family-friendly, with major cities offering reduced or free fares for younger kids. Family-friendly accommodations are plentiful, varying from resorts that provide kids' clubs and amenities to self-catering apartments offering flexibility to families.


With a children-embracing culture, an array of engaging activities, delightful cuisine, and comfortable amenities, Spain is indeed a children-friendly destination. Whether you're planning a summer holiday or an enriching cultural trip, Spain caters to the needs of families and ensures that their smallest members have the time of their lives!

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