What items should I pack when travelling to Spain with children?

What items should I pack when travelling to Spain with children?

Do you plan on travelling to Spain with your children? If so, you likely have a plethora of questions: what items should I bring? Spain presents a mixture of culture, history, and beautiful landscapes, ensuring a fun-filled trip for all. However, to make your trip seamless, here's a detailed list of essentials to pack when travelling to Spain.

1. Clothing

Spain's weather varies from region to region, so packing versatile and comfortable clothing is key. In the hot summer months in southern Spain, lightweight and breathable attire is a must. Pack plenty of shorts, T-shirts, swimsuits, and sun hats for daytime exploring. For the cooler regions like northern Spain, consider bringing additional layers such as hoodies, light sweaters, or even lightweight jackets. Regardless of region, don't forget a sturdy pair of walking shoes for those city tours!

2. Travel Documents

Ensure you have all necessary travel documents, including passports and any visa-related paperwork. It's also a good idea to carry photocopies of these documents. Consider bringing a Travel ID kit for each child, which includes their photograph, contact information, and any medical information. It might come in handy, especially in crowded tourist spots.

3. Health and Hygiene Essentials

Spain is known for its sunny weather, so be sure to pack plenty of sunscreen. Depending on the locale and the season, insects could be a concern, making insect repellent another necessity. Any necessary prescription medications, a basic first-aid kit, hand sanitizers and wet wipes for quick clean-ups are also a must-have.

4. Travel Gear

Depending on your children's ages, you may need to bring items such as a lightweight stroller or baby carrier. A travel high chair and/or travel crib may also be handy if not provided at your accommodation. For older kids, consider lightweight backpacks for them to carry their water, snacks, and small toys.

5. Snacks and Water

Keeping kids hydrated and their energy up while touring is crucial. It's worth investing in some reusable water bottles and packing some favourite non-perishable snacks. Though Spanish cuisine is delectable, having familiar snacks at hand may save you in case your children aren't adventurous eaters.

6. Entertainment

The historical sites and natural beauty of Spain are sure to keep your children intrigued. However, it's still a good idea to carry some sources of entertainment. Small toys, card games, coloring books, and tablets stocked with some favourite movies or games will help keep boredom at bay during any lengthy travel times or quiet evenings.

7. Learning Materials

Equipping your kids with basic Spanish phrases or introducing them to fun facts about Spain's culture and history will not only help them interact with locals but also enhance their overall experience. A children's Spanish phrasebook, or a travel guide for children, are great additions to your packing list.

8. Miscellaneous

Don't forget practical items like travel adapters for Spain's different electric outlets and a portable power bank for charging on the go. Consider bringing a lightweight blanket for cooler evenings or more comfortable transit.

Travelling to Spain with children is a rewarding adventure, and packing right can make the journey smoother. Remember, each family's needs will differ, so personalize this list according to your family's preferences and requirements.


With its rich history, diverse culture, and mouth-watering cuisine, Spain is a fantastic destination for a family holiday. The country is very child-friendly as well, with numerous attractions and amenities for young travellers. Provided that you pack efficiently and cater to your family's needs, you're bound to have an unforgettable Spanish adventure.

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