Can you travel to Italy with babies and toddlers?

Can you travel to Italy with babies and toddlers?

Italy - land of delicious pasta, stunning architecture, and extensive history, is undoubtedly a dream destination for many travelers worldwide. But what if your travel team includes the little ones? Is it possible to fully experience Italy with babies and toddlers in tow? The answer is a resounding yes! In this article, we explore how and why Italy is an excellent child-friendly destination.

Italian Attitude towards Children

Firstly, it's important to note the Italian culture's warm and inclusive attitude towards children. Italians generally adore children and view them as a delightful addition to any social occasion. So, don't be surprised if your little ones receive lots of affection and attention, especially in places such as Rome, Florence, and Naples.


From bustling cities to the tranquil countryside, Italy offers a wide variety of family-friendly accommodations. Many hotels provide cribs for babies and additional accessories like high chairs and strollers can usually be obtained upon request. Furthermore, accommodation options often include spacious rooms or apartments, perfect for families traveling with kids. For a real Italian experience, renting a stunning villa in regions like Tuscany or Sicily is highly recommended.

Dining with Children

Dining out with children in Italy is not just possible; it's a pleasure. Italian menus frequently feature kid-friendly dishes, and many restaurants even provide special children's menus. Consider treats like pizza margherita, pasta with tomato sauce, and gelato – all loved by children and adults alike. The typically relaxed Italian dining culture also means that meal times can be flexible, accommodating those fussy toddler eating schedules.

Activities and Attractions

Italy is brimming with child-friendly attractions and activities. History can come alive for your kids in the ancient ruins of Rome, be it the imposing Colosseum or the captivating stories of Pompeii. Florence's renowned Boboli Gardens, with their wide open spaces and hidden grottos, are perfect for little explorers. The Explora Children’s Museum, located in Rome, is designed with children in mind, offering a multitude of interactive exhibits.

Be sure to take a gondola ride in Venice, where your toddlers can marvel at the city seemingly floating on water. Alternatively, spend a day on one of Italy's stunning beaches, such as those found along the Amalfi Coast and Sardinia. It is worth noting that Italian law requires car seats for children, and car hire companies can provide these on request.

Healthcare Facilities

Italy’s healthcare system is among the top-ranked globally. In major cities and towns, you will find well-equipped hospitals and English-speaking doctors. Pharmacies, known locally as farmacie, generally carry a good range of baby supplies like formula, diapers, and basic medication.


Traveling to Italy with babies and toddlers not only is feasible, but it's also an enjoyable, stress-free experience with the right planning. The child-friendly culture, delightful culinary scene, and countless family-oriented attractions make Italy an ideal destination for families at any stage of life.

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