Is Italy. children-friendly?

Is Italy. children-friendly?

Known for its rich history, cultural heritage, unparalleled architecture, and delectable cuisine, Italy has much to offer any visitor. But what about families traveling with children? Is Italy a children-friendly destination? Without a doubt, the answer is a resounding 'Yes!'. Italy is not just adult-oriented, but it is a haven overflowing with experiences and sites that are children-friendly and educational.

Overall Atmosphere and Culture

In Italy, La Famiglia (The Family), is a cultural pillar. Italians possess a strong sense of family and inclusivity. Children are not just tolerated but are enthusiastically welcomed in restaurants, squares, and even museums. The love that Italians have for children often leads to the creation of child-friendly spaces in many areas, public and private alike.

Fun and Educational Landmarks

The country has amazing tourist spots that your kids will absolutely love. From interactive museums to zoos and aquariums, Italy is packed with places that offer both fun and educational experiences.

Villa Borghese, Rome

Villa Borghese, in the heart of Rome, can be dubbed as a child-friendly paradise. Home to the Rome Zoo and Cinema dei Piccoli, the smallest cinema in the world, there's enough to keep kids entertained for hours. Bioparco di Roma, the zoo, is home to over 200 different species, providing a fascinating opportunity for children to learn about global biodiversity and conservation efforts.

Explora, Rome

Explora Children’s Museum in Rome is a dedicated science center for kids aged 3 to 12 years. A place where learning meets recreation, the museum includes a number of interactive displays designed to educate children about diverse subjects like environmental ecology, energy sources, and daily life tasks.

Museo Delle Cere, Rome

The wax museum, Museo Delle Cere in Rome, has a collection of over 200 figures, allowing kids to meet wax versions of many of their favorite celebrities, historical figures, and superheroes.

Outdoor Fun and Adventure

Italy provides bountiful opportunities for outdoor fun and adventures suitable for kids and family.

Gardaland, Verona

Gardaland in Verona is Italy’s number one theme park. With its thrilling rides, live shows, Gardaland SEA LIFE Aquarium and various other exciting attractions, it is an absolute kids’ wonderland.

Val Grande National Park

For families who love exploring nature, Val Grande National Park is a golden ticket to Italy's wilderness. As the largest wilderness in Italy, kids can play, explore, and enjoy its outdoors under the ever-watchful eyes of grown-ups.

The Italian Cuisine – Kids’ Favorite

No child can resist the tempting flavors of classic Italian dishes. Pizzas, pastas, and gelatos, all are kids’ favorites. The range of Italian food available is sure to cater to even the pickiest of eaters. What’s more, most of the dining places in Italy have high chairs, changing facilities and kids menus to accommodate younger visitors.

Italian Traditions and Festivals

Kids are bound to be intrigued by the vibrantly colorful costumes and lively parades that typically characterize Italian festivals. Festivals like Carnivale Di Viareggio, Pinocchio’s Birthday in Florence, the Palio Horse Races in Siena, and Befana Festival in Urbania provide ample entertainment and cultural engagement for children. These traditions offer children a direct insight into the heritage, history, and societal values of Italy.

Travel and Accommodation

Italy greatly accommodates families with children on the move. Public transport such as trains and buses offer discounted or free fares for children based on age. Further, kid-friendly accommodation is common throughout the country, with most hotels and guesthouses carrying cribs and offering family rooms or adjacent rooms with connecting doors.


There's no denying that Italy is a treasure-trove waiting to be explored. It is more than just Roman ruins and Renaissance art; it's a place where children can explore, learn, play, and immerse themselves in a whole new world of experiences. Its hospitable culture towards children and abundance of child-centered offerings indeed certifies Italy as a fantastic family-friendly destination.

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