What soft drinks are available?

What soft drinks are available?

Savor the experience of Italy’s variety of sparkling sodas, bitter aperitifs, and traditional coffees. Let’s go on a tasteful non-alcoholic trip!

1. Sanbitter

Sanbitter is a non-alcoholic bittersweet aperitif produced by the famous San Pellegrino company. Its red color and bottle shape resemble a mini beer bottle. The flavor is similar to Campari, making it a perfect pre-dinner drink for those abstaining from alcohol.

2. Crodino

Crodino is another popular non-alcoholic aperitif in Italy stemming from Crodo, a small town in the Piedmont region. It's a bubbly, bittersweet drink served with ice and a slice of orange before a meal.

3. Chinotto

Chinotto is a soft drink produced from the juice of the fruit of the myrtle-leaved orange tree. Its taste is unique and aromatic, a perfect balance between sweet and bitter. Brands like San Pellegrino and Coca-Cola even have their version of Chinotto.

4. Cedrata

Cedrata is a refreshing soft drink made from citron fruit. The oldest and most popular brand in Italy is Tassoni, which first started selling Cedrata in 1956.

5. Gassosa

Originating from the words 'gas' and 'soda', Gassosa is an Italian lemon-flavored carbonated soft drink. The most popular brand selling Gassosa is San Pellegrino, but it can be found under different local brands all over Italy.

6. Italian Sodas

Italian sodas carry an array of authentic flavors, including pomegranate, peach, black cherry, and of course, lemon. The most famous brand to look out for is Galvanina.

7. Coffee drinks

Italy is known globally for its coffee. Traditional coffees like espresso, cappuccino, and latte are enjoyed throughout the day. However, there are also non-alcoholic coffee-based drinks like caffè shakerato, a cold espresso drink shaken with ice and sugar, and caffe freddo, which is simply cold coffee.

8. Fruit Juices

Fruit juices, like orange, apple, and pear are widely available in Italy under brands such as Santal or Valfrutta. They can be found in every local store and are a healthy, flavorful option for a soft drink.

Whether you are looking for something cooling in the summer heat or a cozy drink in the colder months, Italian soft drinks offer a range of unique and delightful flavors. So, whether you're dining al fresco or simply thirsting for a refreshing beverage, experience Italy's vibrant non-alcoholic beverages!

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