Where to stay when travelling with kids to Italy?

Where to stay when travelling with kids to Italy?

Renowned for its world-class historic monuments, rich landscapes, exquisite cuisine, and warm culture, Italy is a considerable destination for family vacations. Its stunning landscapes and bustling cities offer myriads of family-friendly activities, making it a haven for families to create lifelong memories. But where should the family stay? This article explores a range of fantastic family-friendly accommodations throughout the country's most beloved regions.

Abruzzo Region: Villages of Lore and Seaside Splendour

Abruzzo, characterized by its serene countryside, picturesque mountains, and vibrant coastline, is a wonderful region for family holidays.

Forte Spagnolo Family Hotel, located in L'Aquila's historic centre, offers spacious family rooms and an educational history tour of its 16th-century structure. Meanwhile, the beachfront Hotel Mediteraneo in Pineto provides child-friendly amenities such as kids' play areas, swimming pools and family rooms, making it an ideal choice for seaside vacation.

Tuscany Region: Amidst Rolling Hills and Historic Cities

Tuscany is beloved for its hilly landscapes dotted by quaint farmhouses, vineyards and iconic cities such as Florence and Pisa.

Villa Pia, located in Lippiano, offers an all-inclusive family experience. With child-friendly features like playgrounds, swimming pools and open-kitchen meal settings, this is a place where families can relax and enjoy the serene Tuscan setting. Additionally, the central-located Plaza Hotel Lucchesi in Florence is perfect for exploring the historical wonders of the city while ensuring comforts for the children, like spacious suites, baby amenities and nanny services.

Lombardy Region: Lakeside Charm and City Fun

The region of Lombardy is famous for its majestic lakes and vibrant cities of Milan and Bergamo.

Grand Hotel Villa Serbelloni, Bellagio, offers a comfortable base for families to explore the beautiful Lake Como region, with paddle pools, child-minding services and spacious suites. For city goers, NH Milano Touring in Milan's city centre provides interconnecting rooms for larger families, free breakfast for children under 12, and is close to public parks and major attractions like the Milan Cathedral.

Campania Region: Naples and the Stunning Amalfi Coast

Campania region is known for its lively Naples city and the breathtaking Amalfi Coast.

Pulalli Wine Bar & Hotel in Marina di Praia on the Amalfi Coast is a charming family-run inn that offers large suites and easy access to the beach. In Naples city, the Hotel Piazza Bellini & Apartments is centrally located and includes family rooms with a kitchenette, offering a home away from home.

A Quick Word on Italian Culture and Traditions

When in Italy, families can engage themselves in various customary practices that make the Italian culture great. Witness the regional processions during Easter, participate in traditional grape harvest festivals in Autumn like the Festa dell'Uva in Tuscany, or catch the vibrant clowns, acrobats and floats during the Carnival of Venice which usually happens in February.

Dining in Italy is an event on its own. Travelling families should definitely try local delicacies like pizza in Naples, gelato in Florence, or fresh seafood in coastal regions. Plenty of Italian restaurants are family-friendly, often providing children's menus and welcoming environments.

Final Thoughts

Whichever region your family chooses to explore in Italy, there are plenty of choices for kid-friendly accommodations available. This list is just a taste of what awaits families seeking to experience all the wonders that Italy has to offer. And remember, each region will provide a unique and memorable experience, full of cultural practices, traditions, and of course, delicious Italian food.

The key to making the most of your family holiday in Italy is to find the perfect balance between fun and relaxation, immersing in local traditions and cultures, and spending quality time together as a family. Buon viaggio!

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