What to do in Sri Lanka?

What to do in Sri Lanka?

To add to the wonderful nature-created sights and human-built cultural attractions, there are also some acitivities you could do during your vacation in Sri Lanka.

Swing at one of the many palm trees. The Sri Lankan has become well known because of the Instagram famous swing at Dalawella Beach. The first one is in front of Dream Cabana and the second is located in Dikwella, both on the south coast of Sri Lanka.

Surf and chill. Sri Lanka is lucky to have beautiful weather and surf 365 days a year. During high season in the east, surf in Arugam Bay is world famous. At this time, the west coast has no surf and less good weather. The season flips during the other half of the year. East, South or West, there are always beaches in Sri Lanka to get some surf, tan or relaxation at the coastline.

Visit a turtle hatchery. Turtles are under great threat due to fishing, pollution, habitat loss and hunting. Turtle Hatcheries are doing their best to keep the turtle numbers alive and well. Please keep in mind, though, that the turle hatchery industry in Sri Lanka is ill-regulated and some of the hatcheries are very dodgy, aiming at tourists and money instead of caring about the turtles' well-being. If you're not sure if the hatchery is of good intentions, opt out for a swimming with turtles tour instead. In any case, remember that you're not supposed to hold turtles, it causes them stress!

Farm visit. Several companies host farm visita to help keep farm animals safe from leopards, which in turn saves the leopards of Sri Lanka. They provide fences and safety for the cattle so that leopards do not snatch the calves. In the past when leopards killed the livestock, farmers would retaliate and kill the leopards. Now that they have fences and are secure from the leopards, they can thrive and co-exist in the wild. A farm visit is a wonderful way to learn and understand what it is like to live in rural Sri Lanka.

Get to know the locals. Nothing feels better than being invited to someone's house for dinner. The Sri Lankan people are a giving bunch. What a wonderful experience getting a glimpse of local life in the country! If you are privileged enough to be invited to dinner, take it. It is a heartwarming evening filled with genuine hospitality.

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