How do I use ATMs in Portugal?

How do I use ATMs in Portugal?

Like other EU countries, Portugal has ATMs throughout the country. You’ll see them at the airport, banks, and along the streets of the cities. Smaller towns will have at least a couple of ATMs, as well. Portuguese ATMs accept most credit and debit cards.

With more than 12,000 ATMs throughout the country, Multibanco is the go-to banking system in Portugal. The Multibanco system is a combined network of ATMs for customers of 27 Portuguese banks.

With Multibanco, clients of participating banks can do everything from withdrawing cash to paying taxes, all from an ATM. For users who don’t have a Portuguese bank account, you can use Multibanco machines as a regular ATM.

In general, Portuguese bank account holders won’t pay fees for taking euros out of a Multibanco ATM. If you’re visiting Portugal, you’ll most likely be charged a small withdrawal fee. It’s also likely you’ll pay a foreign exchange fee – and those will vary depending on your bank.

An important thing to mention: don’t use Euronet ATMs. The fees they charge are ridiculously high. You’ll see them all over the country - avoid them at all costs.

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