What are some things to do in Turkey with children?

What are some things to do in Turkey with children?

Turkey, the meeting point of the East and West, offers a myriad of exciting and educational activities that will surely captivate children and adults alike. From world-class museums, historic landmarks, beautiful landscapes, to engaging amusement parks and zoos, there are countless things to do and explore in this wonderful country.

Historical Explorations

Topkapi Palace

This precious gem of Istanbul introduces children to the grandeur of history. In the Topkapi Palace, they can marvel at the regal rooms, the treasury filled with gleaming jewels, and the intricate architecture that reflects Turkey's colorful past. Interactive displays and child-friendly exhibits ensure they keep engaged and informed.


There's no better way to illustrate the epic tale of the Trojan War than a trip to actual city of Troy, now an archaeological site. Children will learn about this ancient city's rich history and mythology and feel part of a real-life adventure wrapped in the annals of time.

Nature Excursions


Whether explored by foot, horseback, or hot air balloon, Cappadocia paints breathtaking views of fairy chimneys and unique rock formations that will ignite children's curiosity and sense of wonder. Don't forget to pay a visit to the Derinkuyu and Kaymakli underground cities which offer an other-worldly adventure.

Olympos Coastal National Park

Endowed with gorgeous beaches, stunning mountain forests, and a wide range of plant and animal life, this park is the perfect destination for families looking for outdoor activities. Children can enjoy swimming, hiking, bird watching or simply soaking in the beauty that surrounds them.

Cultural Encounters

Whirling Dervishes

Immersing children in the rich Turkish culture includes watching the mesmerizing performance of the Whirling Dervishes. This unique spiritual dance, known as Sufi whirling, is performed as a form of meditation and is a beautiful spectacle to behold. It can be a great introduction for children to the concept of cultural difference and diversity.


Once an ancient Greek city, Ephesus provides an amazing journey back in time as one of the best-preserved ancient sites in the world. Highlights include the Library of Celsus and the Great Theatre. Plus, nearby is the House of the Virgin Mary, fabled to be the last home of Mary, mother of Jesus, another insightful attraction for children.

Fun and Games


Dubbed as the first major theme park in Turkey, Vialand promises a fun-filled day with a plethora of attractions suitable for kids of all ages. From engaging rides, a water park, bowling alley and a 4D cinema, Vialand is a must-visit for families seeking a heart-pumping thrill amid their Turkish trip.

Istanbul Aquarium

Home to thousands of marine creatures spread across 1500 species, Istanbul Aquarium is a must-visit. The various thematic sections, depicting different geographical zones, provide an educational yet highly entertaining experience for children and adults alike.

In Conclusion

Turkey is more than just a historical and cultural treasure trove. With its unlimited offerings of fun, educational, and interactive family-friendly activities, parents will never run out of things to do with their children. From exploring ancient ruins, engaging with the local culture, enjoying the great outdoors, to indulging in carefree amusement, a trip to Turkey promises unforgettable memories that families will treasure for a lifetime.

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