What am I allowed to take with me to Costa Rica?

What am I allowed to take with me to Costa Rica?

Before 2019, all foreigners travelling to Costa Rica had to fill in a customs form declaring everything you’re bringing into the country, but as of mid-2019, it’s no longer required for citizens of most countries. The change means a more straightforward arrival into Costa Rica for most people.

After landing at either of Costa Rica’s two major airports, international passengers still clear immigration, collect their checked bags, and must pass all luggage through an X-ray scanner at customs. But that’s entirely a paperless process as of July 2019.

Travelers who do have items to declare (e.g. agriculture, live animals, chemical agents, or goods that exceed the personal allowance) will still need to complete the form before clearing customs.

Without declaration, you’re allowed to take 3 liters of alcoholic beverages for passengers older than 18 years; 500 grams of elaborated tobacco or 400 cigarettes or 50 cigars; a reasonable quantity of perfume for personal use; personal effects. 

You're not allowed to import to Costa Rica any meat or dairy products, aniques, pornhographic materials, and endangered species of animals.

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