What are the accommodation options in Costa Rica?

What are the accommodation options in Costa Rica?

Finding accommodation in Costa Rica can be one of the toughest thing about planning a trip. There are all types of options from five star resorts to camping so whatever type of vacation you’re looking for, Costa Rica has it. It’s just finding them and staying within your budget that’s the hard part.

Hotels. Smaller hotels in Costa Rica offer a laid-back and home-like environment that is cozy and welcoming. Hotels can be found all major metropolises as well as many oft-overlooked nooks and crannies of Costa Rica - from the corner of a steamy rainforest to the base of a volcano, hotels provide lodging options for thrill seekers of all types. Travelers who really want to be immersed into the culture of Costa Rica and the traditional Tico lifestyle will enjoy staying in smaller hotels, as these often provide a more candid look at what daily life is really like in the area. Prices for a night in a mid-range hotel start at about 25,000 CRC (45 USD), and for nicer hotels, it’s twice as high.

All-Inclusive resorts. If you want to have everything at your fingertips, an all-inclusive resort might be the best option for you. For one price, you'll get everything that you want from a vacation without having to worry about driving around, using public transportation or ending up in the wrong area. All-inclusive resorts are usually family-friendly and near some of the country's best attractions. You can often book tours through the resort, or companies they recommend, so you can catch a glimpse of the major attractions of the region in which you are staying. The average cost for a spot at a resort is around 120,000 CRC (210 USD).

Hostels. Hostels are ideal for budget or solo travelers to save on accommodation and meet new people. Even if you’re not keen on dorming it with 12 other travelers, most hostels have private rooms. Some hostels organize tours so it’s easy to meet fellow travelers. Another pro is that they are usually in a convenient location such as in the center of town or on the beach. Usually the price per bed per night in a shared room starts at 5,700 CRC (10 USD) and up.

Guesthouses. Delve into the culture of Costa Rica, enjoy home-cooked meals and practice your Spanish by arranging a homestay. Besides living shoulder to shoulder with a family, you can participate in a variety of community activities. These include visits to a coffee farm, chocolate tours, guided wildlife walks through the cloud forest, cheesemaking classes and horseback riding. Keep in mind, though, that many properties are far from the beaten tourist path, so homestays are often best for those who have rented vehicles. The cost for one night in a guest house is anywhere from 15,000 to 25,000 CRC (25-45 USD).

Vacation rentals. This is a wonderful option for longer stays or bigger parties who don’t want to stay in a hotel. There are quite a few apartment/neighborhood complexes that have vacation rentals for a good price. You can find all sorts of rentals from a whole apartment/condo or a bedroom in someone’s home. Vacation rentals range from five-star lodging options to cost-effective accommodations, so the prices vary accordingly from 10,000 CRC (17 USD) for a modest room to 5,500,000 CRC (10,000 USD) for a luxury villa.

Eco friendly lodges. Since Costa Rica focuses heavily on being eco-friendly and using renewable resources, eco-friendly lodges are becoming more common. Costa Rica ranks businesses using a system called CST, or Certification of Sustainable Tourism and they range from 1-5 leaves. 5 leaves means the property is completely self sustaining and use green practices such as recycling oil, generating their own biodiesel and biogas and saving water. The prices go from 200,000 CRC (355 USD) up.

Glamping. Glamping is growing slowly in Costa Rica and you can find some glamping resorts in the country. This is luxury camping so you can be close to nature but in luxury and comfort. Prices start at around 50,000 CRC (90 USD).

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