Is Germany children-friendly?

Is Germany children-friendly?

Travelling to Germany with kids is fairly easy. There won’t be any problems getting around, the food is not so strange that your picky eaters will starve, and there are a lot of fun things to keep the whole family happy. Just do a little planning, be realistic with your expectations, and prepare for a good time.

Germany is very kid friendly. During the summer there are a lot of local festivals and celebrations that everyone is welcome to attend.

If you are traveling to Germany with a baby or toddler you will find diapers readily available in the pharmacies and shops, though they may be more expensive than back home. A lightweight stroller or baby knapsack is ideal for traveling.

The weather is seasonal. There are hot summers, cool autumns when the leaves change color, cold snowy winters and warm springtime when the flowers bloom. There is lots to see and do all year round including one of the biggest indoor water parks in the world (south of Berlin).

Munich is home to the famous Oktoberfest, the famous beer festival and they have family days so you can bring the kids! Berlin is steeped in a dark history. You can explore the museums and Holocaust memorial with your children for a deeper understanding.

Many museums, monuments and attractions are free to anyone under 18 years, but the cut-off age varies. In general, you can assume kids under five don't pay at all. Most places also offer family tickets.

Children qualify for discounts on public transport and tours, where they usually pay half price, sometimes less. Some hotels, including many international chains, have discounted rates for kids or don't charge extra if they're under a certain age (varying from three to 16) and stay in their parents' room without extra bedding. The Kurtaxe (tourist tax) you pay in most resorts gets you a Gästekarte (guest card) for free local transport and entry to museums, pools and attractions.

When travelling to Germany with children, you will enjoy fairy tale castles, fascinating museums and scenic parks. The countryside is very beautiful with rolling hills and mountains, lakes and charming villages. Germany is a great choice for a family vacation!

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