Is Germany safe for solo female travelers?

Is Germany safe for solo female travelers?

Overall, Germany is safe for solo female travelers. There aren't really going to be many more issues (if any at all) than your home country has in terms of safety for women. There's a low crime rate and you should feel safe walking around – especially outside of big cities. There are; however, some things to keep in mind if you're traveling to Germany as a solo female.

Watch your surroundings. If you’re alone as a woman, you’re more likely to be seen as a target for thieves and pickpockets, so make sure you keep your belongings close to you.

Don’t stand out like a tourist. Look at what the other women are wearing around you and try your best to follow suit. It’s always best to blend in. This is pretty much a good rule of thumb for any country you visit.

Make sure you stay somewhere with female-only dorms or otherwise favorable reviews from women. This means it’ll be a safe hostel for female travelers. The last thing you want is to be sharing the dorm with some sketchy guys.

When you’re out having fun at night, keep an eye on your drink and don’t leave it unattended. Drink spiking happens in Germany, like everywhere in the world, there are definitely some weirdo guys out there.

Don’t tell strangers unnecessary details about yourself. People really don’t need to know your travel plans, the address of your hostel, or anything personal. So if you’re feeling uncomfortable, and whoever you’re talking to seems sketchy, just tell some white lies or make an excuse and leave the situation entirely.

If someone’s hassling you just say ‘NO’ – or ignore them and move away. Find somewhere that you feel is safe and ask for help if someone is just getting too much.

Don’t walk around by yourself at night around quiet, poorly lit streets and deserted parts of towns. You probably don’t even do this at home, but don’t forget this in Germany. Bad things can still happen there. If you're in Berlin alone, it's also best to avoid areas around Warschauerstraße and all of the Neukölln district as they might not be safe at night.

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