Is it easy to get medical help in Germany?

Is it easy to get medical help in Germany?

If you’re seriously hurt or badly injured in Germany, you may require help from the emergency services. To call for an ambulance or fire bridge, you should call 112 from any phone, including a mobile phone. To contact the police in an emergency, you should call 110.

Anyone who needs emergency medical assistance in Germany will receive the care they need, but you may be charged for your treatment. If you have a European Health Insurance Card, the fees will be lower.

A health insurance is recommended for every traveler. Apart from the fact that travel health insurance is advisable for all trips, proof of healthcare coverage is needed in order to get a tourist visa for Germany or any other EU or Schengen country.  You can buy medical travel insurance protection for Germany at a low cost directly from companies like DR-WALTER, AXA Assistance or Europ Assistance.

To sum up: it’s not difficult to get medical help in Germany (and it’s of high quality too), but it might be expensive, especially if you don’t have travel insurance.

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