What are some places to eat?

What are some places to eat?

Eating in Germany is a big part of the fun of traveling there. Ingredients are wonderful (especially if you eat with the season), traditions are prized, "modern German cuisine" is giving old dishes tasty and entertaining new twists, and small, creative foodie places are thriving in every city. And here's even more good news: Eating well in Germany is an amazing value — cheaper than in France, Britain, Italy, or Scandinavia.

There are so many places to eat all over the country! In any German city or town, you can easily find mid-range and luxury restaurants that offer traditional food as well as modern varieties of international cuisine. Smaller and cheaper cafes are also easily spotted everywhere you go.

Germans love their bread, so you’ll find plenty of bakeries (Bäckerei) and pastry shops on the streets and even on almost every S-Bahn station. 

Street food culture is especially developed in big German cities. So if you pass a street food kiosk, grab a Döner! Vegetarian options are usually also available. 

Beer gardens (Biergarten) is another German speciality and a beloved place to relax. It’s an outdoor area in which beer and local food are served, typically at shared tables. Common entertainment includes music, songs, and games, enjoyed in an atmosphere of Gemütlichkeit (coziness).

Don't discount the chance to splurge on fine dining in Germany. With cooking shows being so popular on German television, Germans are now taking their food as seriously as their neighbors in France and beyond. Whether you're a foodie, a vegetarian, or a hard-core carnivore, Germany now offers a world of flavors to satisfy every kind of traveler.

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