Is Spain expensive?

Is Spain expensive?

Generally, Spain is not too expensive, but the cost of traveling in Spain also largely depends on where you visit. Popular cities like Barcelona and Madrid are much more expensive than smaller Spanish cities, like Seville and Valencia. In rural communities and townships or in less busy tourist places, prices can be very cheap!

Accommodation in Spain is pretty cheap when compared to other Western European countries. Dorm beds in hostels typically begin around 15 EUR per night and go as high as 30 EUR in major cities like Barcelona or Madrid. Hostel private rooms start around 40 EUR per night for a double. Free WiFi is standard, and it’s not uncommon to find hostels with free breakfast, either. Budget hotels begin around 45 EUR for a twin/double and go up from there. Prices will be slightly lower outside of the major cities and tourist areas.

Airbnb is common in most major cities, with shared accommodation starting around 25 EUR per night. For a private home or apartment, expect to pay at least 80 EUR per night. There are also over 400 campsites across Spain offering basic facilities to those who travel with a tent. Campground prices start around 15 EUR per night.

As for food, you can get cheap tapas and sandwiches meals for between 3-10 EUR. If you want wine included, expect to spend about 10-15 EUR per meal. A good restaurant meal will set you back around 13 EUR. If you go out for paella, drinks, or appetizers, then you should plan to spend around 20 EUR for a meal. Spain has a lot of expensive restaurants, and meals there begin around 30 EUR with a drink.

Fast food like McDonalds and Maoz cost around 7 EUR. Groceries will cost around 25-30 EUR per week, especially if you stick to the copious local markets around the country. You’ll find the cheapest (and freshest!) produce and meat at the local markets.

Museums and attractions in Spain cost between 2-14 EUR. Diving on the islands will cost around 45 EUR per dive.

A suggested daily backpacking budget for Spain is between 50-60 EUR. This will cover staying in a hostel bed, cooking most of your meals (or dining out cheap here and there), some nights out, using local transportation, and admission to a few attractions.

A mid-range budget of 85-115 EUR per day will get you your own private room in a hostel or budget hotel, frequent meals outs, high speed trains, as many nights out as you want, more activities, and private tours. Think of this budget as being able to afford anything you want expect 5 star meals and hotels!

A luxury budget of 130-175 EUR per day (or more) will afford you a big name hotel, travel on high-speed trains, private tours, luxury meals, and really anything you want! The sky is the limit here. 

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