What am I allowed to take with me to Spain?

What am I allowed to take with me to Spain?

If you're travelling from another European Union country, there are no limits to what you can buy and take with you when you travel between countries in the European Union, provided what you buy is for your own personal use. In these cases you will not need to prove they will be subject to personal use in quantities below

  • 800 cigarettes,
  • 400 mini-cigars,
  • 200 cigars,
  • 1 kg of tobacco,
  • 10 litres of liqueurs,
  • 20 of fortified wine,
  • 90 wine and 110 litres of beer.
  • monetary amounts of over 9,999.99 EUR must also be declared.

If you're travelling from a country outside the European Union, travellers can't bring foodstuffs of animal origin for their own consumption into the European Union as part of their baggage (meats, meat products, milk and dairy products). Usually, the only exceptions are powdered baby milk formula in the container it is sold in, and foods for special medical purposes. However, travellers coming from the Faroe Islands, Greenland and Iceland may bring in small amounts of meat and dairy products for their own consumption. Other foodstuffs can be brought into Spain up to a maximum weight of one kilogram.

Travellers are permitted to enter Spain with their personal baggage, which may contain items for personal or family use, or to be given as presents. These will not in principle be considered as commercial goods, depending on the quantity or type of goods. This evaluation will be made by the customs services on arrival.

Sums of money in excess of 9,999.99 EUR must be declared. Currently, over 18s are authorised to carry 200 cigarettes, or 100 mini-cigars, or 50 cigars, or 250 grams of rolling tobacco. The quantities of alcohol visitors are permitted to bring into the country are four litres of non-sparkling wine and 16 litres of beer or one litre of drink with an alcohol content of over 22%, or two litres with a lower alcohol content. Each of these quantities represents 100% of the total authorised amount, which can be divided. For example, you may carry half a litre of liquor and 1 litre of sealed wine since each of these quantities is half of the permitted amount.

If you're traveling with a pet, there are three general rules: animals should be accompanied by their owners or representatives, must be properly identified and must have a veterinary certificate written in Spanish. 

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