Where should I go in Spain for a week?

Where should I go in Spain for a week?

Spain is always an excellent choice to spend your vacation time. Rich culinary scene, lots of interesting world history, unique monuments and of course incredible beaches.

One week in Spain is a decent amount of time to get an idea of the peninsula.

Day 1: Madrid.

Begin your 7 days trip to Spain with the capital city of Madrid. You won’t get enough of Madrid in a single day and it will keep you wanting for more. But, if you can rise up early after a long flight and manage your time well around the day, go on to explore Madrid that is the heart of Modern Spain.

Take the metro to go around Madrid and see the word class museums, cosmopolitan nightlife, cafes and tapas buzzing with awesomeness and of course not to mention Barrio de las Letras, a neighborhood with Spain’s oldest taverns and restaurants.

You can make a visit to the Prado Museum, Reina Sofía Museum (MNCARS), and El Rastro – the most popular flea market of Span, in the morning. During the afternoon after a lite lunch take a walk from Plaza Mayor to Royal Palace. It is a place where you won’t mind being lost. You can also take a hop-on hop-off Madrid city tour bus that will cover places from Atocha to Cuatro Torres Business Area.

All these streets and places are the heart of Madrid. They have museums, cafes, parks, churches, and palaces and you will love to wander in these streets on your own.

With the dipping sun, the city of Madrid turns livelier. As they say, the city never sleeps. It’s the time to on a tapas tour in Barrio de las Letras, a place famous for its culture, food, and cafes. To the people who love clubbing – Gran Vía, Malasaña and Chueca are Madrid’s nightlife hotspots.

Day 2: Barcelona.

Your one week in Spain starting in Barcelona is more of your 2nd day. There are many places to choose for staying the Las Ramblas real estate locations are the most convenient ones.

Start your Barcelona tour by taking a walk from Las Ramblas and Passeig de Gracia, the most visited tourist spot. After this, you can find food and drinks in alleys of the Gothic Quarter.

The Las Ramblas, Hotel 1898, has architecture from the late 19th century and its decor is what attracts tourists the most. Though, you get modern services with top-notch service in this hotel. And not to mention the Hotel 1898’s rooftop pool that offers the most beautiful view of Barcelona.

Day 3: Costa Brava.

You see the culture in Barcelona and the beaches in Costa Brava. Stay overnight in Barcelona and make a day trip Costa Brave. It is a Catalan countryside and a fun fact: some scenes from Game of Thrones were shot here.

Costa Brava has twelve towns thus there are various options to choose from. If you are visiting in summer, you can visit Pals. This beautiful village lies on a hilltop. The amazing part is this place feels like you are traveling back in time.

Day 4: Segovia And Toledo.

Segovia and Toledo are sister walled cities that are just 30 minutes away from Spain through a high-speed train. You have two options here.

If you have the option for 7 or 8-day trips to Spain, you can visit both these cities from Madrid on different days and spend the remaining time walking around Madrid. But if you just have 7-day tour of Spain, you can visit either both or just one of the two cities.

Segovia is more beautiful of the two and also cheaper if you are on a tight budget. Every single street in Segovia is a treat to the eyes and no matter which street you take. If you have just one night’s time to discover a bit more of Spain, go to Segovia as its sister, Toledo has some pretty amazing places but Toledo requires time.

First of all, it’s on a hilly area and thus it gets a tad difficult to walk around. It is also a bit more confusing and if you are in hurry to reach a destination, being lost in Toledo isn’t as nice as it’s in Segovia. So, depending on the time you have, Segovia or Toledo is your choice to make.

Day 5: Cordoba.

Cordoba is just 45 minutes high-speed train away from Madrid. It is an Andalucían city with Moorish architecture on a riverside laden with cafes and bars. It is a rather less active place to have some quiet time for you among some amazing wine dropped tapas. The Mosque-cathedral is a tourist spot that everyone loves to visit which originally a mosque but later became a cathedral in the 10th century. For a change, you can rent a cycle to look around Cordoba if you have already done a lot of walking.

Day 6. Seville.

Seville is a place that is more of an open-air museum. After treating yourself to a Spanish breakfast, start with going to Alcazar castle complex, and Plaza de Toros de la Maestranza. You should also visit the Gothic Seville Cathedral. The city too has some delicious tapas due to its close proximity to the coastal area, it has a wide variety of seafood. Pre-reservation to the El Rinconcillo is also an option for your dinner. It is Seville’s oldest restaurant.

Day 7: Malaga.

Malaga has a youthful vigor that offers a multi-layered past. It has half a dozen art galleries and it is the birthplace of Pablo Piccaso. But you shouldn't be going to Malaga just for its art but for the hike to Caminito del Rey, too. This is a five-mile track that was reopened in 2015 after many renovations. After many of the cultural trips around Spain, you shouldn’t miss this adventurous trail.

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