Are Lisbon and Porto city cards worth buying?

Are Lisbon and Porto city cards worth buying?

It depends on whether you plan on visiting a lot of museums and other cultural sights. If you want to just walk around the city or spend time at the beach, you’ll waste your money.

If you decide for a cultural travel program, though: a city card is the official tourist card that you can buy for a certain period of time that offers you free entry to a range of sights in Lisbon or Porto – and discounts at other attractions and local businesses. You also get free public transport during the period that the card is active.

There are three options for the Lisboa Card, depending on the length of time that you want to be able to use it.

1 day – 19 EUR for an adult and 12 EUR for a child.

2 days – 32 EUR for an adult and 18 EUR for a child.

3 days – 40 EUR for an adult and 21 EUR for a child.

For Porto, there are two options: one includes transportation and one doesn’t. The prices are as follows:

1 day – 13 EUR (6 EUR without transport)

2 days – 20 EUR (10 EUR without transport)

3 days – 25 EUR (13 EUR without transport)

4 days – 33 EUR (15 EUR without transport)

You can buy the cards at tourist centers or at the airport.

Once you buy it, make the most of it to get your money's worth! Visit the places the card offers you free entry and discounts for. But keep in mind that some museums are closed on Mondays and plan your journey accordingly.

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