Is Portugal children-friendly?

Is Portugal children-friendly?

Portuguese society largely revolves around family life and the country is very child-friendly and families will find it one of the easiest places for a holiday. You will be able to find all of your baby and toddler essentials such as baby food, formula, nappies and wipes in the supermarkets and fresh cows milk can also be purchased easily.

Portugal is a very safe country (with virtually no crime and is politically stable), and provides exceptional value for money. Travelling the country is not difficult, as everyone who works within tourism speaks English, while shops are stocked with known products and recognisable brands. Portugal is a great choice for a hassle-free family holiday, and is a fantastic destination for toddlers through to teenagers. 

Tourists and locals with babies are the mainstay of many restaurants, coffee shops, bars or diners. Outdoor seating means mom and dad can sit at table, with infant in buggy or child seat as required. There may be some places that are 'no-go' but very much in the minority.

Most women in Portugal also opt to breastfeed and you will have no problem breastfeeding in public.  

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