What are the Portuguese people like?

What are the Portuguese people like?

Like most southern Europeans, Portuguese people are naturally curious, open and very talkative. If you’re shy and don’t connect easily with people, the Portuguese will help you and make you feel at ease. In case you’re lost in the city and need help, you won’t have any trouble finding someone who’s willing to help you.

They love to talk for hours about anything. If you’re from abroad, you will have even more to talk about. They will ask about your culture, history and lifestyle while also sharing with you plenty of details about theirs.

The Portuguese stay true to the traditions! Traditional recipes live on through several generations of families. When traditions remain, it means there’s respect towards them. That’s why the Portuguese are so proud of their traditions, their culture, history and gastronomy.

In Portugal, one of the main wealth sources is tourism, so it is very important for the Portuguese to know how to speak at least one language other than Portuguese. In schools, English is mandatory for all the students, which is why you won’t have any problems communicating with locals in the country, since most of them speak English rather well.

On a perhaps less nicer note, Portuguese people like to take things easy (especially in the countryside) and do not have an elaborate concept of doing things in a fast manner, which might be irritating for some people at first, but it’s something you’ll eventually get used to.

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