Can you travel to Turkey with babies and toddlers?

Can you travel to Turkey with babies and toddlers?

Turkish hospitality extends to even the youngest guests, making it an enjoyable destination for families with babies and toddlers. Decked with vibrant bazaars, awe-inspiring landmarks, beautiful natural landscapes, and boasting a deeply rooted culture, Turkey is certainly on the shortlist of countless travelers worldwide. But is it a feasible choice for those with little ones in tow? Let's dive in and see.

Family-Friendly Nature of Turkey

Firstly, it's crucial to dispel any uncertainties about Turkey's suitability for young families. Turks adore children, and their culture tends to be incredibly family-oriented. Sociable, generous, and warm-hearted, the locals are known to go out of their way to accommodate families, making your journey with the kids more pleasant and less stressful.

Available Amenities

In terms of amenities for babies and toddlers, you'll find both local and international baby brands in Turkey's abundant supermarkets and pharmacies - a lifesaver when you need diapers, baby food or formula. If you're planning to stay in a hotel, many offer childcare services, cribs, and kids’ menus. If you prefer to rent a house or apartment, ensure to request any baby equipment you might need during your stay.

Navigating Turkish Streets

Typical Turkish stores and homes aren't always stroller-friendly due to narrow doorways and sidewalks and steep hills in some areas. Smaller, collapsible strollers or baby carriers might be a more practical option than bulkier travel systems when wandering through the bustling Grand Bazaar of Istanbul or the old-city streets of Antalya.

Healthcare Facilities

The concern of healthcare during travel is universal for parents. Thankfully, private healthcare in Turkey is excellent in large cities, with well-equipped clinics and English-speaking doctors who well-versed in pediatric care available. It's advisable to get comprehensive travel insurance that includes medical cover for an extra layer of protection.

Visiting Places of Interest

One place not to miss is the quintessential Aya Sofya, a museum that has breathtaking architectural wonders even for the youngest eyes. The Topkapi Palace, another eminent landmark, is equipped with spacious gardens perfect for families to stroll around.

Aquariums like Istanbul aquarium or Antalya aquarium, offer a captivating experience to little ones with a variety of sea creatures. For a bit of wildlife adventure, you could tour the Izmir Wildlife Park or Faruq Yalcin Zoo and Botanical Park. If you're in need of some beach time, Turkey's coastlines, particularly the Fethiye Oludeniz Beach, offer pristine sands and clear waters under the watchful eyes of life guards.

Turkish Cuisines for The Little Ones

Turkish cuisine is a gastronomic adventure which can be embraced by even the youngest gourmands. The country is famed for its fresh and locally sourced produce, making it an ideal destination for feeding toddlers. From the customary Kebabs and Dolmas (stuffed vegetables) to the mouth-watering variety of sweets, the flavor-filled journey embraces both healthy and delectable choices for young palettes.


Most international and domestic flights operating in Turkey offer amenities for families, such as priority boarding, bassinets, and in-flight children’s meals. Once you're on the ground, metered taxis, buses, and trams are readily available. If you've brought along a car seat, install it safely, as seat belts aren't always available in taxis and buses.

Final Thoughts

Traveling with babies and toddlers certainly requires a bit more planning and adjusting. However, the welcoming atmosphere, family-friendly experiences, and comfort facilities readily available in Turkey make it an optimal choice for families to explore together. All it takes is a little preparation, and you can enjoy a smooth and memorable trip with your little ones across the enchanting landscape of Turkey.

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