How much does the food cost in Turkey?

How much does the food cost in Turkey?

With its rich historical background and magnificent landscapes, Turkey is a must-visit destination for travellers around the globe. However, one highlight of this splendid nation that shouldn't be overlooked is its colorful and flavorful cuisine. This guide will break down the average cost of food in Turkey, letting you budget wisely for your stay.

Food prices vary widely, depending upon whether you're dining at a luxury restaurant, a casual eatery, or cooking at home using ingredients from the local market. This article will provide an estimate of each scenario's cost.

Average Cost of Dining at Restaurants

In Turkey, the cost of dining at a restaurant would significantly rely on its location and the poshness level.

High-End Restaurants

For high-end dining, expect to pay around 70-150 TRY (Turkish Lira) per person, equivalent to approximately $9-18 USD. These high-end restaurants generally provide a broad menu, including mezes (appetizers), main dishes like kebabs or seafood, various desserts, and a glass of Raki, a distinctive Turkish liquor.

Middle-Range Restaurants

Middle-range restaurants usually provide a satisfying dining experience for about 30-60 TRY per person, approximately $4-7 USD. These places typically offer traditional Turkish foods such as Pide, Lahmacun, and various kebabs.

Fast Food and Street Food

Quick bites like Kumpir (stuffed baked potato), Simit (a pretzel-like snack), and Doner (spit-roasted meat) can be found in fast food places or street stalls. These could range between 5-20 TRY, approximately $1-3 USD.

Average Cost of Groceries

If you want to cook your meals, understanding the price range of grocery products is essential. The following segments provide an overview.

Fruits and Vegetables

In Turkey, fresh fruits and vegetables are quite affordable, typically costing around 3-10 TRY/kg. That's approximately $0.5-1.5 USD per kilogram.

Meat and Poultry

Beef typically costs around 40-60 TRY/kg, while chicken is around 10-20 TRY/kg - approximately $5-7 and $1.5-3 USD respectively. As Turkey is a Muslim-majority country, all meats are halal.

Dairy and Other Staple Goods

A bottle of milk costs about 2-3 TRY, and a loaf of bread is roughly 1.5-2.5 TRY - both being less than $1 USD. Other staple food items like rice, pasta, and legumes are all reasonably priced and similar to these costs.

Cost of Coffee and Alcohol

Costs of these beverages also factor into the overall food cost. So here's the average cost of coffee and alcohol in Turkey.


A cup of Turkish coffee at a café costs about 7-10 TRY, equivalent to $1-1.5 USD. In contrast, a cup of Americano or latte could be around 10-15 TRY ($1.5-2 USD).


The cost of alcohol in Turkey varies depending on the type and the place where it's bought. Beer can cost around 15-20 TRY, equivalent to $2-2.5 USD in a restaurant, while a bottle of domestic wine can be around 50-100 TRY ($7-13 USD).

Average Daily Food Cost

By and large, if you’re eating out every day, the average cost of food in Turkey can vary between 100-150 TRY per day, or $14-21 USD. However, if you’re cooking your meals, you can comfortably get by with about 50-75 TRY per day, or $7-10 USD.

With these costs in mind, it's clear that Turkey offers a wide range of food options to suit any budget. From high-end restaurants and middle-range eateries to street food and self-cooked meals, you can experience the rich and diverse Turkish cuisine without breaking your bank. So before packing your bags, plan your budget wisely, and get ready to tickle your taste buds with some delectable Turkish food!

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