What items should I pack when travelling to Turkey with children?

What items should I pack when travelling to Turkey with children?

Elegant mosques, vibrant markets, delectable cuisine and rich history welcome travelers to Turkey. But venturing to this gem with children requires some careful preparation. Here is a comprehensive guide detailing the key items to pack for your family adventures in Turkey.

Clothing Items

Turkey, a country where East meets West, has a diverse range of environmental conditions and different cultural customs. Your wardrobe should be versatile and respectful of local customs.

Modest Clothing

Turkey, being a widely Islamic country, encourages modest dressing, especially when visiting religious landmarks such as the iconic Blue Mosque or the Hagia Sophia. For girls and women, leggings, lightweight long-sleeved tunics, maxi skirts, and scarves for covering the head are wardrobe essentials. For boys and men, long shorts and t-shirts are acceptable. It's advisable to carry a pair of long trousers for religious site visits.

Layered Clothing

Weathers can vary greatly within the country and even during the day. Especially if you visit in spring or fall, temperatures could swing from chilly mornings to warm afternoons. For this reason, packing layered clothing like tanks, t-shirts, cardigans will allow adaptation to changing weather patterns.

Waterproof Clothing

If your trip coincides with the rainy season (from November to February), do not forget to pack rain gear including jackets, boots and umbrellas. Also, pack waterproof bags to protect your electronics and documentation.

Sanitary Essentials

Sanitary practices differ across countries and Turkey is no exception. Here are some items you should consider packing.

Hand Sanitizers and Wet Wipes

Keep hygienic practices at par - pack sufficient hand sanitizers and wet wipes. These come in handy when water and soap are not readily available, especially during your bustling bazaar explorations or mesmerizing beach outings.

Toilet Paper and Soap

Public restrooms in rural areas or local establishments may not always be stocked with toilet paper or soap. Bringing a small travel-friendly pack can save the day.

Portable Water Filter

While tap water in Turkey is safe to drink, your or your children's stomachs may not be accustomed to the local water. To avoid any potential issues, a portable water filter can be handy. They are lightweight, compact, and efficient in filtering microbiological contaminants.

Food and Snacks

While Turkish cuisine is a delightful fusion of Middle Eastern, Central Asian, and Balkan tastes, your children might need time to adapt to new tastes. Keep some familiar snacks with you, they would be useful during long sightseeing trips.

Travel Gadgets

Power Bank

The last thing you'd want is your phone or camera dying while you navigate the labyrinthine Grand Bazaar or capture the ethereal beauty of Cappadocia's hot air balloons. A power bank can help you avoid such hassles.

Adapter Plugs

Don’t forget to pack adapter plugs for your electronic devices. Turkey uses European style plugs (two round prongs) and the standard voltage is 220V.

Travel Apps

Download child-friendly travel apps—map apps, language translation apps, or digital guides, which can help keep children engaged and make your traveling easy and exciting.

Health and Safety

First Aid Kit and Required Medications

Because children could have unexpected falls or mishaps, having a basic first aid kit is essential. Include Band-Aids, antiseptic wipes, tweezers, digital thermometer, and any prescription medication your children might need.

Sunscreen and Hats

With Turkey's sunny climate, especially along the stunning Turquoise Coast or the historic ruins of Ephesus, packing ample sunscreen for your family is a must to avoid harsh sunburn. A hat for each family member will provide an additional layer of protection.

Entertainment Essentials

Every seasoned parent-traveler knows the importance of having surprises up their sleeves to keep their child entertained during quiet moments.

Travel Games, Books, and Toys

Carry lightweight travel games, your child's favorite books, or small toys to keep them entertained during long flights, waiting times, or quiet evenings.

Comfort Items

Bring along familiar items like your child's favorite blanket or stuffed animal; this can help them handle long flights, adjust to new time zones, and feel comfortable in new places.

Traveling to Turkey with children offers an unforgettable family bonding experience. Equipped with the right pack list, it will leave you free to build memories amidst its beautiful landscapes, fascinating history, and warm hospitality.

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