Is Portugal safe for solo female travelers?

Is Portugal safe for solo female travelers?

Portugal is a super safe destination for solo travelers, especially women traveling on their own. Crime rates, harassment, and discrimination are quite low, so travelers can feel safe walking alone.

Women travelling alone in Portugal report few serious problems. They should take the same precautions they'd take when travelling anywhere – be cautious where you walk after dark and don’t hitch.

If you’re travelling with a male partner, people will expect him to do all the talking and ordering, and pay the bill. In some conservative pockets of the north, unmarried couples will save hassle by saying they’re married.

Catcalling or harassing women in the street is actually illegal in Portugal – that’s not to say it never happens, but women are more protected from verbal harassment there than in neighboring western European countries. If you happen to be a victim of violence or rape while you’re in Portugal, you can contact the Associação Portuguesa de Apoio à Vítima, which offers assistance for rape victims. Visit the website for office locations nationwide.

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