Is Portugal safe to visit?

Is Portugal safe to visit?

Portugal is one of the safest European countries. Crime rates are very low and often concern a few isolated neighborhoods. It is ranked 13th in the ranking of world’s safest countries.

The main issues are pickpockets in tourist areas and mugging in some dangerous areas of Lisbon and Porto. Pickpockets are present in crowded streets, train, bus and subway stations, and bag-snatchers or thieves operate in restaurants.

Beaches are also common targets for thieves: never leave any valuables unattended when you go swimming. While on the beach, always check the warning flags before going to swim: every year, people die from strong oceanic currents. If you travel by car, never leave any valuables in it – especially if it is a rental car: thieves occasionally operate on parking areas. Protect your personal belongings at all times, especially your ID and passport.

There is a national toll-free number for emergencies, the 112.

As far as natural disasters are concerned: be careful of fires. Nearly every year, Portugal experiences a number of forest fires that kill or injure many people, burn down houses, and destroy expanses of land. Part of the reason owes to the extreme dry heat experienced by most of the country. Unfortunately, some fires also begin due to carelessness. Sure, Portugal’s countryside can be an inviting place for hiking and camping, but maintain proper precautions and keep an ear on the news to know when these events happen.

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