Where to buy alcohol in Turkey and how much does it cost?

Where to buy alcohol in Turkey and how much does it cost?

Nestled between Europe and Asia, Turkey is known for its rich history, impeccably preserved artifacts, palatable cuisine, and elegant coffee. In addition to these, Turkey also boasts an interesting drinking culture worth exploring. This article is dedicated to guiding travelers on where and how to buy alcohol in Turkey, along with the average cost of various alcoholic beverages.

An Overview of Alcohol in Turkey

Alcohol, while readily available, isn't as prominent in Turkish society as in some Western countries due to the country's dominant Islamic culture. However, Turkey produces a range of local and international alcoholic beverages, offering a variety of options for visitors who want to indulge while in the country.

Turkish Alcoholic Beverages

There are several types of traditional Turkish alcoholic beverages, with the most famous being raki, often referred to as the national alcoholic drink of Turkey. It is a spirit made from grapes and aniseed, having a strong licorice-like flavor. In addition, Turkey produces a limited but esteemed selection of wines and beers, all of which can enhance your culinary experiences.

Where to Buy Alcohol in Turkey

Supermarkets and Local Stores

Most supermarkets and local convenience stores across Turkey sell a range of alcoholic drinks including beers, wines, spirits, and local beverages like raki. Notable chains include Migros, CarrefourSA, and ŞOK. Remember, alcohol sales in supermarkets and shops are prohibited between 10 PM and 6 AM.

Specialty Wine and Liquor Stores

If you're looking for a breadth of choice, especially in wines, and want knowledgeable staff to assist with selection, specialty wine and liquor stores such as La Cave, Şarap Online and Macro Center are top picks.

Bars, Restaurants, and Clubs

Besides shops, pubs, restaurants, and nightclubs in Turkey also offer a wide variety of alcoholic beverages. However, prices at these establishments may be higher due to service charges and taxes.

Duty-Free Shops

Duty-free shops located at airports are another option to purchase alcohol in Turkey. You can find international brands here, sometimes at prices lower than in the city due to tax advantages.

How Much Does Alcohol Cost in Turkey?

Prices of alcohol in Turkey can vary based on the venue, location, and type of drink.


You can find local beers like Efes and Bomonti, and international brands, in most venues. Expect to pay between 10-20 TL (around $1-$3) for a can/bottle in a supermarket. At a restaurant or bar, the price can be between 15-30 TL ($2-$4).


Turkey's indigenous grapes produce unique flavors in local wines. In supermarkets, Turkish wines start around 20 TL ($2.5) per bottle and can reach to 100 TL ($12) for premium labels. In bars and restaurants, a bottle may cost from 70 TL ($9) and upwards, while a glass may set you back around 20 TL ($2.5).


As Turkey's national drink, raki's price is relatively high due to steep taxation. In stores, a 70 cl bottle may cost anywhere from 100 to 170 TL ($12-$21). In bars and restaurants, a single serving might be priced between 25-50 TL ($3-$6).

Alcohol Consumption Laws in Turkey

Understanding of local alcohol laws is essential while travelling. In Turkey, the legal drinking age is 18. Drinking in public places is not generally accepted, and it's illegal to drink on the street or in parks. Keep in mind the sale restrictions as well, as most establishments are not allowed to sell alcohol between 10 PM and 6 AM.

In conclusion, while Turkey may have a conservative approach towards alcohol, moderate drinkers and wine connoisseurs have plenty to choose from. This guide serves as a roadmap to making both locating and purchasing alcohol in Turkey an easy task.

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